A Girl Can Dream Can’t She?

By all accounts, Suze should be filed under “never-was-has-been.” Suzé should be looking back and mourning the fact that she was unable to make a big hit with her music career in her twenties. But it would seem that the Fates had a different idea. His name was Frank Gorgo and he owns Breaking Glass Records.

Once a leather-clad, heavy metal singing goddess, Suzé is now a wife and mother of two. What the hell was Frank thinking?

According to Frank, from the moment he first heard Suzé sing, he fell in love with her vision as an artist. Her exceptional lyrics, haunting melodies and a voice that sounded like a smooth cocktail of bourbon with a shot of honey. Everything about her radiated passion about life, love and music. He knew he had to work with her and share her voice and songs with everyone else. “Oh, and by the way,” he said as he smiled. “Her publicity photo is not a product of photo shop. She’s got long natural blonde hair like Rapunzel. She’s still got it going on.”

Frank knew he had something special when he played “Broken Dreams” for another artist, a woman not given to great displays of emotion. She immediately broke down and cried. Her songwriting is so personal; it no doubt comes from her heart. He says he has seen this happen more than once and it still gives him a feeling that these songs are like magic.

“Of all the songs I’ve ever written with anyone,” said Frank, “the one I love the most is “Broken Dreams.” Suzé’s lyric ‘Broken dreams don’t fix real easy’ spoke volumes to me.” Frank is betting that it will speak to legions of music fans who will fall in love with her, too.

With the release of her debut CD, “Look at Me,” Suzé is certain that her dreams are not broken.

The dream continued in 2008 with the publication of Suzé’s rock ‘n roll vampire novel, “Between Keys” and the accompanying CD soundtrack of music by the book’s fictional band, French Kiss.

“Between Keys” is a fun, sexy, adult story about vampires. Vampires have always been hot, but in this book, they are even hotter and they bite! After a decade long ride on the top of the music charts with her guitarist husband, Dante, Francesca Scarlatti has fallen into the bottom of an emotional and professional abyss when he is murdered. It’s a man’s world, but Francesca Scarlatti is a heroine who takes charge of her life, rebuilds her career, finds love… and, oh yeah, takes on the vampires and wins. She does it all with heart, intelligence and courage – not to mention with a sense humor.

The CD is the soundtrack to the book. All of the songs are sung from the perspective of a particular character. This makes the book come alive for readers. The songs were written by Suzé and Frank. Frank mixed and produced the CD in his studio. John Bradley played all the guitar and bass parts while John Hagan supplied the rhythm.

“Francesca is my rock ‘n roll alter ego,” explained Suzé. “It was great fun writing about what I love, music, and combining it with seductive vampires. I lifted text straight from the book to write the songs, so each character had their own ‘say.’”

The original draft of “Between Keys” was written in 1986, long before the whole “Twilight” craze. “Someone dared me to write about rock ‘n roll vampires,” she explained. “So I did.” I took so much from my heavy metal days in Philly. The club, “Orgy,” in the book is based on The Galaxy, a heavy metal club I played many times. All of the characters in the book are loosely based on people I knew back then as well. Check out the chapter where Francesca meets the guy in the studded jock strap! I couldn’t make that up!”

She was met with tons of rejection when she tried to get the book published back then and finally just put it away. “No one got it,” she said. “Was it a work of horror? Was it a murder mystery? Was it a comedy?” In the end, it was a little bit of all those things.

Then a good friend, Joshua Williams, suggested make the most of her misspent rock’ n roll youth.

“So I did,” she said. “And I have Joshua to thank for that.”

“This book, this CD, all of this has taken me by surprise!” said Suzé. “I thought my dream of rock stardom that obsessed me in the ‘80’s was long over. Me — I’m married with kids, and enjoying a successful marketing and public relations career. As the director of public relations for Trump Entertainment, I got to go behind the scenes doing promotions for stars who came to Atlantic City. I worked with Van Halen (all three singers), The Goo Goo Dolls, Stone Temple Pilots, Prince, Sting, Britney Spears, Don Henley, Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz, Gregg Allman and even Luciano Pavarotti. I lived vicariously through them, doing PR for people who were living my dream.

“I got to work with the some of the world’s biggest film and rock stars, including George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Leonardo DiCaprio,” she said. “I even negotiated on-site filming at Trump properties, including “Sex and the City,” “Ocean’s 11” and Woody Allen’s “Celebrity.” I also founded the VH1 Save the Music Auction at the Trump Marina in 1999. In fact, Frank and I first collaborated on an original rock opera, “Grendel’s Lair,” which we performed for the VH1 Save the Music Auction at the Trump Marina. And that experience just made it even clearer to me that the job was fun, but music was my passion.”

In May 2005, Suzé produced and headed up publicity for the “Oh… So Wilde” Fashion Show hosted by Johnny Rzeznik of the The Goo Goo Dolls to raise money for VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

Suzé is the author of An Angel Knocks on Hell’s Door, a novel. She has taught “Lights! Camera! Action! Let the Publicity Begin!” at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annual Writers Conference. Suzé is a University of Pennsylvania graduate.

She lives in New Jersey in a quaint Victorian farm house with her husband and two sons.